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Pierre Guilbert Blog main goal is to share knowledge and to catalog good ideas and practices so it may stand as a reference. It is also a place to share latest thoughts gathered on the internet.

Good practices

  • Why 12factor is still the best thing around?
  • How to setup a smart linter strategy with vue (prettier/eslint)
  • Why you should use vuepress for documentation
  • Why you should at least try dbml and entity relationship diagrams
  • How to write a proper commit message ? #linter #commit-lint
  • Automatic release messsages base on standard-version/commitlint
  • i18n naming convention and why you should set them up?
  • accessibility or a11y
  • values: e.g https://about.gitlab.com/handbook/values/
  • decision making:
    • zeromq: -
    • gitlab: https://about.gitlab.com/handbook/leadership/making-decisions/
    • w3c
    • rfc etc
  • from full-time on site to full-time remote
    • white paper gitlab: https://about.gitlab.com/company/culture/all-remote/guide/
    • zappier: https://go.zapier.com/suddenly-remote-ebook/pdf/


  • How to use several git users
    • (gitlab/github work+home)
  • git config and setup
  • Why you should not use gitflow
  • Why you should use git --fixup / git --amend
  • How to do an interactive rebase ?


  • What to tests and what not to tests
  • Why you should use cypress image diffing?
  • How to use cypress image diffing -> locally inside docker to avoid cross OS problems
  • How to really tests for performance in the browser?
  • Why you should tests for performance


  • Why and when to use svg or fonts


  • Why you're not using v-model properly with your forms? #vuejs (localmodel setter)
  • Why and How to create complex svg with vue
  • What's really a scaffolding template for vueJs ?
  • Why you should propably not pass function to props #vuejs
  • How to generate your vue-store from the state based on convention #vuejs


  • How to improve your website with defer/preload and what does it really do?
  • How to improve your website with efficient caching methods (http header)
  • iframe post/publish logic to have the scrollHeight properly set


  • Do you really need to use underscore library or lodash as people call it


  • Why you should use css variable instead of scss variables
  • A small example of a dynamic grid-layout vs flex-layout


  • Database modeling and Mongo
  • Why mongoose is probably not helping you
  • How does mongoDB indexes work
  • How to store a graph and write queries for MongoDb
  • Is neo4j the solution? let's test it


  • Why you should not serve static files with python or express
  • How to improve your speed (dns fetching/tls handshake / geo-distribution/ route)
  • When (not) to use a server-side generated website
  • How to host your own page on your rapsberry ? #blog
  • Why use an old mac mini to replace your raspberry 2 #blog
  • When you should (not) use analytics on your blog (gtm/ga #blog)
  • Why and how to write your own CI/CD pipeline #blog
  • Why you should (not) setup your own email server?
  • Is it really worth it to secure your network behind a vpn?


  • Why you should secure your gate! #ssh
  • Why you should multiplex with tmux / multiplexing
  • Terminal speed and how to measure it ? Why is it important ?
  • Emacs or Vim or Nano ?
  • How to avoid having your logs filling all the space ?
  • How to kill properly a process ?
  • How to use the terminal to check what's taking so much space?


  • How to use globing in regexp in you nginx routes
  • Do I need to use kubernetes? (in fact you need baremetal sometime)
  • How does kubernetes really work?
  • Alpine or Debian ?
  • Create an automated build script for pierreguilbert.com
  • install debian on macosx ? is it possible ? yes
    • create mac os bootable key Catalina
    • create an ubuntu bootable key for mac mini
    • install ubuntu on remote


  • How to run a simple app build as a microservice (multiple frontend/ multiple backend)

  • How to generate code that generate code using jinja2

  • Why you should generate several title for your blog posts

  • Why you should write your own graph library in javascript

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